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Notre Dame Blowing Smoke about $$$?

The Cardinal Newman Society wants to know:

An article today in The Observer touts the University of Notre Dame’s fundraising success in the fiscal year 2009-2010. Donations totaled $227.5 million, including $116 million from alumni.

“We are fortunate that our alumni giving rate has always been—in the past 20 and plus years—in the top three schools in the country,” Lou Nanni, vice president of university relations, said. “Princeton, Dartmouth and Notre Dame are in the mix for the highest alumni giving rates.”

But that’s not true, according to the Council for Aid to Education, which manages a national survey of colleges and universities to document private giving.
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Amy Giglio said...

I hope Seton Hall (and every other Ctaholic university) is paying attention. They just selected a layman as President of the University for the first time in their 155 year history. Priest president does not necessarily equal strong Catholic identity, but neither does lay president.

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