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Lila Rose Responds

After what Lila Rose has done to Planned Parenthood why would anyone publicly disagree with her...ever. At EWTN, she responds to those criticizing her tactics:

Lila Rose, president of the pro-life activist group Live Action, has issued a new statement responding to ethical concerns from several top theologians and philosophers about her group's work.

Live Action's Catholic critics overwhelmingly agree with the group's goal of exposing and de-funding Planned Parenthood. What troubles them is the use of “sting” tactics, which employ false identities and statements – such as claiming to be a pimp or prostitute – in an attempt to show Planned Parenthood's willingness to cover up crimes.
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Mary De Voe said...

"Among the Catechism passages in question are paragraphs 2483 and 2485. The first teaches that “to lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error,” while the second upholds the judgment that “by its very nature, lying is to be condemned”

Justice is predicated on intent. Careful reading of the catechism text says "to speak or act against the truth IN ORDER TO LEAD SOMEONE INTO ERROR." "IN ORDER TO LEAD SOMEONE INTO ERROR" LILA ROSE IS LEADING PERSONS OUT OF ERROR, and saving their souls from murderous abortion, by taking custody of the truth and binding up the crime of homicide. St. Thomas More refused to tell his wife and family anything lest they be sworn to testify against him and commit perjury. Lila's work draws out the evil in the abortion business. See the book of Judith in the Old Testament. Lila was searching for the disparity between the truth of life, which she holds sacred and the lie and the evil of abortion, nor was she submitting herself to abortion. Lila Rose was acting in the power of attorney of the victims of abortion, both mother and child, and proving to the abortionist, the pimps and prostitutes that truth and Justice will come disguised in the form of what they believe.

Mary De Voe said...

The will of the people was accomplished in Lila Rose. The newly created soul, who belongs to Our Creator, endowed with Life, begotten in the first cell becomes an individual substance of a rational nature, The existence of the human being, body and soul, with its sovereign personhood constitutes the sovereign state in authority, perfect moral and legal innocence, and Justice . The state is never more perfectly constituted by the sovereign person, than at the inception of a newly begotten human being, the standard of Justice and the compelling interest of the state in protecting LIFE at every stage of existence.
WHO he is, is the newest member of our constitutional posterity .
Live Action overcame evil with good. Lila Rose does the will of the people in sustaining the newly begotten sovereign person in his constituting the authority of the state. Lila Rose has power of attorney for the unborn to speak for them. Lila Rose also has power of attorney to speak for pimps and human traffickers, and turn state’s evidence against them as is necessary to prevent them going to hell. As without human beings there is no abuse, there is no state.
In repudiating the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, our founding principles, the sovereign person repudiates his sovereign personhood , his citizenship in a nation constituted by these principles and his existence as a human being .
Lila Rose and Life Action through her sovereign personhood has reoriented that state towards Justice for the newly begotten, repositioned the criminal toward judgment and set a precedent for all citizens for the common good in one nation under God.
The Declaration of Independence
DNA and Thomas Aquinas’ definition of a human being
The Constitution for the United States of America
The Preamble to the Constitution for the United States of America

R. Horras said...

The notion that absolute truth must be spoken in absolutely every situation is absurd, and is certainly not Catholic. Indeed, the Catheshism specifically states that we are required "judge whether or not it is appropriate to reveal the truth to someone who asks for it." (CCC 2488) It also states that "No one is bound to reveal the truth to someone who does not have a right to know it." (CCC 2489) Lila Rose had about as much a moral obligation to divulge her true intentions to PP as Pope Pius XII did to Nazi officials when he was harboring Jews from the Holocaust at Castel Gondolfo.

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