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Dem: Go Out and Get Bloody!!!

Where's the outrage?

Gee, I seem to recall when violent rhetoric was the bane of political rhetoric, at least when the Left was shrieking about the latent, seething violence of Tea Party activists and Sarah Palin’s campaign maps. The media did a dog-pile on the Right when a lunatic in Tucson shot Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, spending the better part of a week scrutinizing Palin’s utterances and campaign artwork when the shooter’s schizophrenia was known well enough within hours of the massacre that killed six and wounded 14. Now one of Giffords’ Democratic caucus colleagues tells a union crowd that they need to go out and “get bloody,” while pointing out Tea Party counterprotesters across the street:
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Rick said...

Just hose those hotheads down. No need to make martyrs out of clowns. Hilter and Napoleon were defeated by the Russian Winter. The Wisconsin Winter is close enough.

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