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Court: Christianity Inimical to Children

Fr. Tim Finigan writes:

Experienced foster parents Eunice and Owen Johns have been told today that their beliefs are inimical to the interests of children. They were not willing to say that the practice of homosexuality was a positive thing. The landmark judgement of the High Court means that Christians who hold to traditional Christian moral teaching on sexual ethics are now not considered suitable foster parents in Britian.
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Clinton said...

The next 'logical' step now is for the state to
remove all children from environments where they
might be taught traditional Christian sexual
morality. After all, if it's unacceptable to have
foster parents teaching their children that homo-
sexuality is not a positive thing, then it must be
unacceptable that any parents are so teaching
their children.

Fr Tim Finigan said...

Many thanks for the link. Some further analysis of the judgement at this post: Looking more closely at the Johns judgement.

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