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Confessions of a Catholic Public School Teacher

Interesting read:

I have been having a terrible difficult time lately. In many ways, these are very trying times for education, though there is more than one opinion on what it is that is that makes them trying. By way of background, the Ohio Senate is proposing a bill, Senate Bill 5, that proposes some fairly sweeping changes to education in the state. Some of you may have seen a similar measure going through the Wisconsin state legislature; for now, it is receiving the bulk of the national coverage, but I am sure as things progress, Ohio will get its “fair share.” What is in Senate Bill 5? Well, as with any piece of legislation, there is more vagueness than details. Then again, I suppose the axiom that the devil is in the details somehow applies.
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Anonymous said...

In Texas teachers by law may not bargain collectively; I am given to understand that this is true in 34 other states.

I worked my way through school in California as an LVN after 18 months in Viet-Nam as a Corpsman. I saw how unions among civilian workers on Navy bases and in hospitals were corrupt and dangerous. I do not belong to a union, never have, and never will.

In my rural school district teachers are mostly churchgoing Methodists and Baptists, and although the occasional idiot gets through the screening process, we are not a union culture and are very protective of our kids.

There is a certain type of Catholic Keyboard Commando, including at least one famous blogging priest, who should read "Confessions of a Catholic Public School Teacher."

- Mack

Jake said...


As the author of the original post, I thank you for you comment. I also thank the Matthew for posting it.

I am curious about your comment about a "certain type" that should read this. Care to expound?



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