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Why Conservatives Should Love "Chuck"

Ray Keating writes at National Review:

It’s obvious why nerds love the NBC show Chuck: It’s about a movie-quoting, sci-fi-loving, video-game-playing, comic-book-reading techie who works for the “Nerd Herd” (think Geek Squad) at the “Buy More” (how about Best Buy?), winds up getting a supercomputer with all the government’s secrets implanted in his brain, and becomes a spy. He goes on dangerous missions, and a lethal, gorgeous CIA agent falls in love with him. It’s a nerd fantasy.

But how about conservatives? They should love the show, too — whether they happen to be nerds or not.
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Macmooski said...

Love the show... it's more like real people with real values (and foibles) than most of the tripe out there.

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