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Tea Party's Unhappy Families

Michelle Malkin writes:

Many Democrats have blamed unfounded cases of racism for their aversion to the growing tea party movement. But now, the new House Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer, D-Md., presents the latest presumption about tea partiers: they must come from dysfunctional families:
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Macmooski said...

Well, he's right that we are unhappy... by the increasing number of atheist/agnostics that consider it ok to demean anyone that believes in truth, justice, and America! (where are the blue tights and red cape?) What was once immoral is now acceptable.. and traditional values are now looked on by some as "abnormal". Good thing is we "freaks" are in the majority... and the media is lying to work a little psych manipulation on us. ..We're not buying it!

Anonymous said...

Tea Partiers must be "dysfunctional" because they won't "COMPROMISE". What Hoyer resents is people who refuse to participate in the Hegelian dialectic, the unwillingness to "dialogue" and agree to abide by an engineered "consensus" (the old spiral to tyranny:thesis>antithesis>new synthesis). Of course the dialectic stops when their ends are achieved. That is why abortion is "off the table", not up for discussion or dialogue, blah, blah. The spiral never reverses.

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