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The Rite: Satan as Accuser

NRO's The Corner reports:

I just saw the new film The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins as a charming but deeply troubled exorcist, and it’s a mixed bag. On the negative side, it depends far too much on special effects and makeup — an occupational hazard for producers of demonic-possession moves ever since the really great one came out in 1973. Her head turns around, his eyes become yellow and bulgy, etc.: These things long ago lost their power to shock, and now serve only to help viewers dismiss possession by evil forces as a risible Hollywood convention. As if conscious of this problem, and fearing it might therefore fail to give the audience the spooks it deserves, the movie ladles on the cheap shocks — Omigod he’s suddenly right behind you! Omigod what’s that jumping out? (Whew, it’s a cat!) – and heads straight toward B-movie territory, perhaps even lower.

Now for the good part, and it’s a very good part indeed. The screenplay is pitch-perfect
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Usually Deleted said...

Can't agree so much with the premise that recognition of the existence of Satan is a "bad" way to recognize the Truth of God. The recognition of the Truth of Original Sin is what set me on the path. It's a path because there are detours and blocks along the way (like Manichaeism) but the pilgrim doesn't have to follow them or be stopped in his progress.

Anneg said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I read the book. It is very good, dry, not sensationalistic at all. One of the most remarkable comments in the book for me was that contact with demonic activity increased the faith in God for the priests involved.

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