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Palin for Prez Out of Spite

It's a funny thing. I'm not sure Palin is our best bet in 2012 but the more she gets kicked around the more I want her to be President just out of spite. I'm not sure I agree with everything Nick Gillespie writes but it's an interesting read at Instapundit:

NICK GILLESPIE: Palin’s Not Complicit in Loughner Shooting, but She Sure Ain’t Presidential, Either. Has any other public figure ever had to try to act “Presidential,” though, while being accused of complicity in mass murder?

On the other hand, if (as isn’t clear to me) she actually wants to be President, she’ll have to learn to be Presidential. Barack Obama has had his problems in that department, too, and unlike Palin, he’s had the benefit of a desperately supportive and eager-to-please mainstream media.
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