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Oddballs and The Blob

Pundette writes:

Feeling alienated from the mainstream? If so, you're not alone, and you're most likely a good deal healthier in mind and spirit for it. But it can be difficult to know how to live in such a world. Victor Davis Hanson belongs to the oddball club:

We in the oddball club live two lives, as sort of wandering souls who censor our speech and thoughts hourly. In line at the market, we assume the guy with the iPhone and the Camry does not really need the VISA-looking state food card, but we accept that that if we were to suggest he might not, a blizzard of venom would fall upon us — we would be called cruel, callous, racist, nativist, selfish, crack-pot, angry, hateful. So we shrug, smile, and say to ourselves: “Why not let him use the card at a restaurant as well?” And so it will come to pass soon no doubt. [. . .]
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