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My Conversion to the Commie Mass

Mark Judge writes at the Daily Caller:

Socialists, drug addicts, gospel music — and Martin Sheen. Welcome to the coolest Mass in D.C.

In the beginning, I came to mock the Commie Mass. But then I was converted. I saw the light.

St. Aloysius Catholic Church is on North Capitol Street in Washington, D.C. It’s a church run by Jesuits, and is therefore very liberal. You won’t find too many papal encyclicals being handed out, but there are plenty of stacks of the left-wing “Catholic Worker.” During the part of the Mass where the congregation offers prayer intentions, there is usually one or two harangues about Evil America. Martin Sheen has been known to stop by. There is a homeless shelter in the same building, and you may find yourself sitting next to a dude who hasn’t worked in a while and who isn’t making too much sense (of course, that could also be Martin Sheen).
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