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MLK on Homosexuality, Abortion, Etc...

Now this is interesting:

When we think of Martin Luther King, we tend to think of the powerful preacher delivering the “I Have a Dream” speech that changed a nation. But rarely do we remember him as a gentle minister, offering pastoral advice to hurting individuals.

Here are some excerpts from the 1957-58 monthly advice column Dr. King wrote for Ebony magazine:

Question: I was in a home the other day where a 3-year-old child read the riot act to his mother. The mother took it with a sheepish smile. This, I am told, is permissiveness. It seems to me that what modern children need is a large dose of parental permissiveness applied to their backsides. Do you agree?

MLK: It is quite true that many modern parents go too far in allowing their children to express themselves with hardly a modicum of discipline. … This almost “lunatic fringe” of modern child care has been responsible for most strange and fantastic methods of child rearing in many American homes. … The child must realize that there are rules of the game which he did not make and that he cannot break with impunity.
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