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Hawaii, First State to Ban Prayer in Senate

Madness. Madness I say. The Blog Prof reports:

You won't even believe why they, and by 'they' I mean Democrats who dominate the HI Senate, did it: out of fear of an ACLU lawsuit. I kid you not! From Mercury News via Gateway Pundit:

Fearing a possible court challenge, Hawaii’s state Senate has voted to silence the daily prayer offered before each session began — making it the first state legislative body in the nation to halt the practice.

A citizen’s complaint had prompted the American Civil Liberties Union last summer to send the Senate a letter noting that its invocations often referenced Jesus Christ, contravening the separation of church and state.
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Mary De Voe said...

"OUR CREATOR" FROM THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE which documents the sovereign person. The Constitution documents the sovereign person's civil rights endowed by OUR CREATOR. Sovereign personhood is endowed by OUR CREATOR to the newly begotten sovereign person. All sovereignty, personhood and civl rights are held in trust by God, the parents and the state in that order.IN GOD WE TRUST.
ACLU and atheists are perjurers because they deny their self-evident "OUR CREATOR" given rights in a court of law. without which sovereign personhood and civil rights, they cannot be citizens. They have no legal standing in our country to sue, no more than a foreigner or a traitor or a citizen of another country as the ACLU and all atheists choose to be citizens of another nation not recognized by our courts or they are just plain old perjurers, liars in a court of law that requires the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, in WHOM the ACLU and the atheist refuse to believe.

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