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The Flaming Tabernacle of Death

Dan Lord runs an excellent blog. This is a great story about how a priest convinced him that putting the tabernacle on the altar was a fire hazard.

Have you ever heard the one about the priest, the church, and the flaming tabernacle of death?

It goes like this: a concerned Catholic, visiting from out of town, approaches the pastor after Mass one Sunday. “Hey, Father, I was just wondering about something. I notice the tabernacle is wayyyyyyyyyy over there, behind that wall where nobody can see it. There is plenty of space in the sanctuary behind the altar—why not put the tabernacle there?”

“Oh,” chuckles the priest, “We can’t put it there, because of the fire codes. We would be fined!” The visiting Catholic is still confused, but he nods, shrugs, and goes on his way.
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Anonymous said...

City officials are notorious for their, uh, interpretation of codes. They really are. The priest might not be the problem - really and truly - but it takes some guts and some sense to challenge the authority of an official.

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