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Commit Unstable People?

A debate worth having at Right Wing News:

"There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs." -- Thomas Sowell

James Lee Lougher, the shooter in the Tucscon massacre, was a scary dude and a lot of people knew he had serious issues before he went on a rampage.
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Michelle Therese said...

This is something that I've often wondered about. I grew up in a small town that was absolutely chock-full of oftentimes violent and/or sexually violent crazy people.

This is because in the 70's it was decided that the insane, living in a mental hospital right down the road, and also Northampton State Hospital not far away, had the "right" to live in normal society. Because to liberals everything is a right...

And so I spent my childhood being terrorized by all manner of mentally unstable people that lived in my town due to the low-income housing that was available. Even to this day I struggle with fear whenever I'm out and about. You couldn't even simply ride a public bus without crazy men asking if you douche, among other sexual questions, not to mention then getting off of the bus and being stalked... And to hear the wacko crazed shoutings all around town... they still echo in my head. I was shocked to discover (as an adult) that not every town was like this. Mine was actually unique in this manner. Yay. Lucky us. I swiftly left home at 17.

So why on earth do we have so many crazed individuals living freely in our societies, hurting, raping, stealing, killing? Ask the Liberals. Oh, and thank the Liberals as well!

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