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Captain America May Drop the "America"

You know, I'm not sure Hollywood likes America all that much. Does Hollywood not understand that for millions around the globe, America is actually inspirational, not something to be ashamed of. Right Wing News reports:

The venerable Marvel comic book character Captain America has been, well, "Captain America" since 1941. But as of the 2011 release of the new movie "Captain America: The First Avenger," he won't be Captain American anymore. At least as far as the film's title overseas goes, anyway.

Apparently, Hollywood thinks a character called "Captain America" is too gauche for foreigners to handle. And so he's to go nameless in such places as Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea. Once again, Hollywood shows that it is ashamed of America, it's traditions, and culture. Thanks alot, Hollywood.
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Anonymous said...

Captain United Nations!!!

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