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Walters: Boehner Has "Emotional Problems"

This is nuts. Just nuts. Hot Air has the video and story:

Via Greg Hengler, behold as the master of the weepy celebrity confessional interview, who’s been turning emotional problems into “news” for decades, suddenly discovers how off-putting tears can be. She’s right that there’s a different standard for crying when women politicians do it, but I’m not so sure that that difference benefits men. If Pelosi cried, she’d risk being branded as “soft” but she’d still be well within the bounds of acceptable female emotional display. Hillary’s tears just before the 2008 New Hampshire primary were a media sensation, but she suffered no real damage from it; on the contrary, some analysts speculated afterward that they helped her in the voting booth by humanizing her. When a male pol cries, he’s so far outside the paradigm of strong, stoic masculine leadership that not only does he come off as weak, he risks looking like a head case. (Muskie is, of course, the ultimate example.) No one here explicitly calls Boehner weak but Whoopi’s mockery makes her opinion of him clear enough, and of course Barbara’s got the “head case” narrative covered.
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Amy Giglio said...

Not sure why anyone is still watching that show.

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