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Prayer Request

Some Christmas prayers needed. Sherry Antonetti writes:

This blog is many things; sometimes political, sometimes silly, sometimes serious. Today, it is urgent.

A friend of mine has a daughter. She is my daughter's first and to this date, still best friend despite having moved to Texas. Zoe has a rare condition that is called Ondine's Curse; her autonomic functions stop if she loses consciousness. Thus, to make it to the age of 10 alive, she's had to be put on a respirator every night, has pacers and has had more tests and hospital stays than can possibly be counted.
Right now, she's having a bad spell of days and nights, where she is on and off oxygen and the machines are a companion that is not leaving. People with this condition sometimes have spells where it is better or worse as they age and develop and the demands on their bodies change. This is a type of growing pain that none of us ever hope to experience. There simply isn't enough known about this condition because so few have it and survival is so precarious.
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SherryTex said...

Thanks Guys! I'll keep you posted. She's still having just really hard swings. I don't think her mom has slept in two days.

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