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Politically Incorrect Christmas Gifts for Girls

As a father of four girls I read this with great interest.

It was a typical conversation between mother and son, just a few weeks before Christmas—and it went something like this, “I’ve got the boys covered, so what do I get for little Miss Corrine?” said I. To which he replied, “Geez mom, you raised six girls, it shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out. She’s a girl. Buy her girl stuff.”

But it’s not that easy. There are all kinds of girls, which means there are lots of different flavors of “girl stuff.” Corrine is four, and has two cousins the same age. They are all girly-girls and not one of them are the same. One is getting a pink handled gun and holster—she lives with a bunch of brothers, so of course she has to be armed. Nothing thrills her more than to run with the big boys- she can usually keep up, if not best them, but she always does it in feminine style.
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