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Obamacare Hoisted on Own Petard

They lied to avoid scrutiny and now it's biting them. Flopping Aces does some excellent reporting:

I originally began this post to reconcile what’s going on in the various courts INRE O’healthcare. Indeed, I will do just that, as it is all interrelated. But I first want to lead with the most surprising revelation I’ve read in the opinions and various rulings thus far on the major lawsuits that have hit the news… and that is the inadvertent confession of the lead counsel for Obama’s HHS in oral arguments during the Commonwealth of Virginia vs Sebelius process...

The decision to call the fee for noncompliance a penalty instead of a tax was a last minute deliberate swap by Congress. It had been specifically called a tax in the previous incarnations. So why the 11th hour change in terms?

In Obama’s counsel’s own words, it was so that Congressional Dems could avoid scrutiny and accountability for raising taxes.
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