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Morning Joe Mocks the Pope

This is pretty sickening stuff from the Morning Joe show. DaTech Guy writes:

Am I the only person watching Morning Joe today who notices the massive hypocrisy today?

They spend the whole first segment hitting Jim DeMint for calling Harry Reid’s Christmas move “Sacrilegious” and insist that he should apologize to Reid for “insulting his religion”.

Yet they tease an acrobat act before the pope as “Chippendale” and jokes are made about how “the Pope likes them more than the nuns” and about “ripped men”.
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Macmooski said...

Reid is one of those famous CINO types (Catholic in name only) that USE the idea of faith to manipulate others.... a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid is a Mormon.

Anonymous said...

I love our Pope but once again one of "the powers that be" messed up; those "acrobats" stripped at the first note! It was horrible and I cringed as I watched, do we really need to offer all our "gifts" to the pope? Just yuck.

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