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Skookum at Flopping Aces writes a heckuva story:

I met Oleo along one of my trap line trails. A fellow trapper, Oleo was way off course by about 30 miles from his own trap line. He was among the Laplanders brought over by the government for an experiment in reindeer or caribou ranching. One of the best bushmen I have ever known, it was for certain he was here for a reason and not because he was lost.

The experiment consisted of sawing off the antlers while they were in the velvet, drying them, grinding them into powder, then selling them to men in the Orient so they would have more lead in their pencils. I personally thought the idea was a little far fetched, since having a place to draw or write seemed to be more problematic than having lead when you needed it. The problem of men and their misplaced manhoods seems to be a self-inflicted malady by men with too much idle time on their hands in tandem with a poor concept of manhood itself. The experiment was a dismal failure and Oleo became a trapper.
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