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The Driehaus Wimp Watch

Soon to be former congressman Steve Driehaus is suing the great SBA List for telling the truth. Carol McKinley pulls no punches in relating how she feels about this maneuver:

Driehaus filed a civil suit against Susan B. Anthony List claiming Obamacare doesn't fund abortions and he is being "deprived of his livelihood".

Oh come on. The reason why the Democrats wouldn't adopt Hyde Amendment language into Obamacare was because they know the funding for abortions is back-doored.

How would Democrats save the country without enticing poor women to kill their own child and providing funds to pay for it? The children of the poor drain their wallets. They don't want to feed them or educate them. They're living the dream, training women to be promiscuous and then shuffling them to abortion clinics.
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