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Christmas Carol Bells Silenced

Moonbattery reports:

December after December, the War on Christmas grinds on:

The clock tower at Southern Illinois University has played Christmas carols for nearly 15 years. But this year, someone complained, leading university officials to briefly silence the holiday tradition until they could add a more diverse selection of music.

"We got a complaint about not being inclusive in the music," university chancellor Rita Cheng told Fox News Radio.
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Mary De Voe said...

Every public place, bell tower etc without Christ at Chrsitmas is a tribute to atheism. The atheist seceeded fron the nation and forfeited his (her) rights when he refused his unalienable endowed rights of our Creator and the laws of nature and nature's God in The Declarartion of Independence. The first time in history that sedition against the United States of America has been rewarded in the Supreme Court.

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