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Pop Band Breaks Up Over Theology

I don't think this is why Axl was forced to leave Guns and Roses but theological differences just led to the break up of the very popular group Paramore. The Blaze reports::

Though they never considered themselves a Christian band, divisions in members’ faith reportedly led to the recent break up of Platinum-selling pop band Paramore.

“We were all growing further apart,” musicians Josh and Zac Farro wrote last week after deciding to leave the group. “Suddenly the band had split into two sides.”

The “sides” the Farro brothers write about were divided by the religious views of some of the Tennessee-based band’s members.
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Anonymous said...

Sad, as usual. My younger daughter really connected with them a few years ago at a difficult point in her life. I admire the Ferro brothers and their willingness to let their faith take precedence over their art. I will pray that they will be blessed for making a truly hard choice.

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