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Palin Could Divide the GOP

RS McCain is exactly right (in my opinion) about the divide in the GOP over Sarah Palin. Her candidacy could destroy the party. Seriously.

‘The Weekly Sarah Palin Segment . . .in which the impression is given that the whole of conservatism is encapsulated in this one glorious woman.”

Instead, he would perhaps have us believe, the whole of conservatism is encapsulated in Charles Krauthammer’s brain.

It is not Krauthammer’s fault that the media are obsessed with presidential politics. It is not Krauthammer’s fault that, when Palin’s choice as running mate in 2008 suddenly made the GOP ticket competitive with Obama (see the poll numbers cited here), the media embarked on a search-and-destroy mission against Palin. And it is not Krauthammer’s fault that the media have continued to use Palin as a scarecrow, a Republican demon-figure presented as the too-horrifying-to-contemplate alternative to supporting Obama.
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Denise said...

Hmmmm. McCain doesn't say Palin could divide the GOP, he says the Establishment Elite could by their self-centered personal attacks on Palin. THEY are the one polarizing the party and THEY are the ones who will be quoted by the Democrats and the mainstream media after Palin wins the nomination. If the Establishment sticks to policy attacks, it is better for us all.

Your headline is misleading. Did the mainstream media ever like Reagan? Did that keep him from being elected or an effective President? You need better reasons for another candidate, because McCain was supposed to be electable too, wasn't he?

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