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LaHood: Let's Disable Cell Phones in Cars

Fear not, the government will solve everything. Hot Air has the story:

Remember, in Hopenchange, everything not expressly permitted will be outlawed. In an attempt to deal with the supposed epidemic of distracted drivers, especially younger drivers, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that the Obama administration will review its options in blocking cell phone use in cars:
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Anonymous said...

What happens if a driver needs to call the police because they see a crime being committed? How about my teen age daughter calling the police because some creep is following her lat at night? These people need to focus on REAL problems. Incidentally, the average 8 yr. old could disable the disabling mechanism. Guess there goes the youth vote for Obama in 2012 - his administration is sounding awfully like an uncool, hectoring parent! hectoringh

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