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Is Notre Dame Paying the Price?

OneNewsNow.com reports:

After honoring President Barack Obama during last May's commencement ceremonies, the University of Notre Dame has seen less contributions and is feeling financial heat.

In May 2009, debate was heated over the fact that Notre Dame, a Catholic university, invited President Obama to speak at its graduation. It was controversial mainly because some of Obama's policies are contrary to church doctrine. Katie Walker of American Life League (ALL) tells OneNewsNow the school has paid a price.
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ben said...

Wasn't there a website set up after the Obama talk where people could post how much they were going to NOT donate to ND? I was going to post that I was withholding 1 bazillion dollars, but supposedly they had some guards in place, like you had to be a registered ND Alum or something.
Contributions are probably down because of the economy. Or because the football team stinks again. Hopefully some of it is due to Obama, though.

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