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God and W.

Kathryn Lopez on President Bush's new book:

Former president George W. Bush’s new book, Decision Points, tells the story of a faithful Christian man of discernment.

There is a sense of peace that emanates from the pages of his book and from many of the interviews he’s given in recent days. The peace that comes with ultimately leaving the judgment of history in the hands of a merciful Savior.

Decision Points, and his interviews thus far, don’t suggest a man who uses Christ as cover, but one who seeks His aid, tries his best to listen – even at moments of anger and emotion – and walks away from decisions with a sense of peace when he knows he’s done these things – when he was honest about his deliberations and his prayers.
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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Miss Lopez.
You can seee here what I saw in his presidency - a man of faith, purpose, and integrity. The MSM's viciously vacuous attacks on him were unwarranted.
See who they thought would much sooo much better. No wonder the 3 networks have losy viewers - people are made at themselves, and each other, for believing them.

Anonymous said...

Discernment is always a useful virtue to obtain. With W, the aura of Christ was/is evident in his countenance and speech. He is no stranger to his Lord. Even in decisions that were wrong in hindsight, he still looked to his faith and to his God to help with the outcome.

Faith is better than any sleeping pill.

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