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Driehaus Drops Complaint Against SBA List

Rep. Driehaus turns tail. The SBA List responds:

Today, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) responded to Rep. Steve Driehaus’ (OH-01) request for withdrawal of his Ohio Elections Commission (OEC) complaint against the SBA List. The OEC has been scheduled a hearing for Thursday, December 2 to consider Driehaus' request. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser offered the following statement:
“Rep. Driehaus’ decision to withdraw his complaint is a victory for the SBA List and for truth. The Susan B. Anthony List will not object to Rep. Driehaus withdrawing his complaint as we do not want to spend additional time and resources defending what the public already knows to be true – that the health care bill funds abortions with taxpayer dollars. Rep. Driehaus used an Ohio criminal statute to ensure that billboards stating the truth about his vote in favor of the pro-abortion health care bill were never erected. Despite his efforts, Rep. Driehaus could not avoid facing the consequences of his health care vote at the ballot box. On Election Day, Driehaus' constituents sent a clear message by siding with the SBA List and voting him out of office.
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