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Dolan: Pope Can't Change Catholic Teaching

Al Kresta has the story

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, elected president of the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops last week, said Monday that the bishops faced the urgent task of stopping the huge exodus of Roman Catholics from the church of their birth.

He said the bishops would not stop speaking out on political issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and immigration. But he said there was now a movement among them to confront internal problems like the “sobering study” showing that one-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church.
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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Several comments:

1. "The Pope Can't Change Catholic Teaching." Really? Did somebody tell John Paul II that when he tried to arbitrarily reverse centuries of teaching on capital punishment by adopting an abolitionist stance?

2. The preaching at Mass isn't just poor, it's abysmal. It's nothing but warmed over conventional wisdom, intellectual and political fashion and raw sentimentality.

3. Catholics are leaving the Church not just because of poor preaching but because of such factors as:

--the hierarchy's isolation and sense of entitlement that leads to institutional arrogance and a condescending view of the lower clergy and laity.

--the laity's realizing that there's a severe disconnect between some Catholic doctrines and practices, and Scriptural revelation.

--the fact that the Church has forgotten what the Gospel is, let alone how to communicate it. For far too long, the Church has relied on institutional power to impose its will. As a result, the Church started relying on that power instead of on God. The result is the chaos we see today.

4. As far as health care is concerned, the bishops effectively support a single-payer system that has proven ineffective in places like Britain; the quality of care decreases and patients are treated like cattle. If Pres. Obama's plan didn't fund abortion, the episcopal lemmings would support it en masse. Let's not forget that.

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