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Anti-Christian Art at Smithsonian

Just in time for Christmas. And you paid for it with your taxes!

Putting the ho-ho-ho in homoerotic.

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like an ant-covered Jesus , male genitals, naked brothers kissing and men in chains. (There was even a Family Day held in conjunction with the event!)
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Clinton said...

If these artists want to be 'transgressive' and
innovative, I would suggest to them that mocking
the sensibilities of Christians is sadly safe, expected,
and done to death.

I will believe that these sort of self-proclaimed
'cutting-edge' artists are truly committed to using
their art to provoke the establishment when they
realize that middle-class, Christian values are no
longer synonymous with the values of the establishment. These artists would have more cred
if they mocked and provoked the PC crowd, the
LGBT crowd, the pro-abortion crowd... Where is
the art that holds up the failings of the sexual
revolution for its well-deserved derision? Why
is it that the sanctimonious, judgmental PC crowd
has not been mocked to scorn yet? Where is the
artist with the honesty and stones to mock his
fellow artists and their pretensions?

Such posers. Such crappy, safe kitsch they make.

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