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Why I Left the Catholic Church

True Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter writes about why she left the Catholic Church. And why she returned:

Just to be be clear, I am back with the Catholic Church, now.

I am pondering this topic because yesterday, after Mass, the Youth ministry director asked, "Why are there so many ex-Catholics in the non-denominational churches?"

I tried to explain my perspective, but felt that I didn't fully articulate the reasons. I remember meeting many ex-Catholics at my local Vineyard Christian Fellowship. In fact, I was quite amazed by how many there were. When I'd ask why they were there, the answers were usually the same: there was more "freedom" to worship God, they enjoyed the casual environment, they found the large offerings of Bible study groups to be stimulating. These comments were generally given by Catholics who were brought up in the 1960's and 70's.
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priest's wife said...

Thanks for posting this.

Mary Rose said...

Matthew, thanks so much for linking to me. I haven't checked traffic in some time but for some reason, did tonight and found I had quite a few visitors from your site on October 4. Now I know why. :-) God bless you guys.

I really enjoy your site and lurk more than anything. I love the stories you find. I find so many "treasures!" One of them is The Catholic Project. I can't wait for those DVD's to become available. If they're anything like the promo, it's going to be incredible!

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