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Time: There Are Women Priests Already

Dave Pierre of Newsbusters takes on Time Magazine for their ridiculous claim:

It's not that hard to understand. The ordination of women in the Catholic Church is not going to happen. It. Will. Not. Happen.

Yet according to a truly warped article by Dawn Reiss in Time magazine (9/25/10), it's already happened. In fact, "three women have entered the priesthood" in the Chicago area alone, says Reiss.

Is this true? Is Alta Jacko (rhymes with "wacko"), "the mother of eight children" whom Reiss profiles, really "an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church"? No. Jacko is as much a Catholic priest as she is the Vice President of the United States.

But Weiss' falsehoods don't end there.
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priest's wife said...

Thanks for posting this- I haven't read Time in over 20 years.

A very weird aspect of being a (Byzantine) Catholic priest's wife- for some reason MANY people think that I would agree with women priests. WHAT!? Open some books people.....arrgh....

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