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This Ain't a Slippery Slope, It's a Cliff

Pundette thinks we need to be warned:

How nice to wake up to some fresh Mark Steyn. But don't be fooled by that innocuous heading; this will give you a jolt. It's now or never, America:
So we’re not facing “decline”. We’re already in it. What comes next is the “fall” – fast, sudden, off the cliff. That’s why this election is consequential – because the Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree made what was vague and distant explicit and immediate. A lot of the debate about America’s date with destiny has an airy-fairy beyond-the-blue-horizon mid-century quality, all to do with long-term trends and other remote indicators. In reality, we’ll be lucky to make it through the short-term in sufficient shape to get finished off by the long-term.
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Clinton said...

Steyn is right. Our current unsustainable spending
habit is a form of child abuse. Yet I doubt that we
have the guts to make the hard decisions that are
so necessary.

Those CBO projections were appalling. Why am I
not surprised that they haven't received the
publicity they deserve?

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