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Steven Colbert, Secret Catholic Evangelist?

Tim Graham reports:

Liberal comedian Stephen Colbert's joke-testimony to Congress may have been a low moment for the House of Representatives, but apparently, to reporters, it makes him a symbol of holiness. Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service hailed Colbert in an article that appeared in Saturday's Washington Post.
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Patrick Button said...

Colbert did suggest that England should convert to Catholicism because of Tony Blair's conversion, Henry VIII having set the precedent.

NFPworks said...

Hilarious, Patrick. Did he really say that? Did anyone else read Andrew Sullivan's piece on Colbert's Catholicism? If he's so Catholic, I'm going to do a letter writing campaign on my blog to get him to speak publicly about his support of non-contraceptive family planning, the evils of IVF, and prudent use of NFP. You think I'll get an answer? I got a letter back from my campaign to Cherie Blair, so there's hope....

Patrick Button said...

Yeah he said it on his show. I doubt that Colbert is at all orthodox, but we can always hope.

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