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Salon: Obama Is Another Reagan

Both had bad economies in the first 2 years, so they must be exactly the same. Except they are not.

Salon on crack.

The monthly jobs report released this morning should pretty much seal Democrats' midterm election fate. There will be no more reports between now and November 2, so today's data essentially represents the final pre-election word on the status of the American economy. And as my colleague Andrew Leonard wrote earlier, the combination of 9.6 percent unemployment, paltry private sector growth, and alarming layoffs at the state and local government levels (the result of federal austerity) means that "the incumbent party is going to pay the price in a few weeks."

Today's report immediately calls to mind the final pre-election data before the first midterm of Ronald Reagan's presidency, which was released in the first week of October 1982. I've long argued that Reagan's first two years in office provide a nice parallel to Obama's. Both men came to office under similar circumstances and both initially enjoyed stratospheric popularity, with most Americans badly wanting to believe that their new president could and would fix their woes. In this sense, the "stunning" decline in Obama's political standing these past 20 months is no surprise at all. The same thing happened to Reagan, and for the same reason...

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