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Rutgers Tragedy Mean More of the Same?

David French of Phi Beta Cons writes about the response to the Rutgers tragedy:

When malicious individuals attack sensitive souls, the result is often tragic beyond words. And so it was at Rutgers, after Tyler Clementi’s roommate apparently recorded and webcast Clementi’s sexual encounter with another man. Clementi’s roommate will be prosecuted for invasion of privacy, and it’s a prosecution he seems to richly deserve.

As campus tragedies rightfully do, Clementi’s death has triggered a round of soul-searching on campus. And nothing prompts soul-searching quite like suicide. Because it deals with anguish of the heart, it feels so preventable — the “what ifs” of intervention and prevention pile up and compound the sorrow. The Army knows this feeling quite well, as a wave of suicides has rocked the military, especially since these suicides have come even after the Army has poured resources into its suicide-prevention program.

As is so often the instinct with large bureaucracies, the answer to tragedy is often “more.”
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