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Replace the Rat Couch Fundraiser

You may have read that Betty Beguiles couch in the house she was renting became a rat's nest. Literally. So it's been thrown out. Due to economic constraints the Lord family finds it difficult to replace the couch so if you can help out that would be great.

Hi, everyone. Hallie's friend Jen here (yes, Jen of the rat-infested couch). I saw all the lovely comments to her last post about the whole "rat blood and feces all over my living room floor" episode, and noticed how many folks kindly suggested that they might be willing to help the Lord family get a new, non-rat-infested couch since that kind of thing isn't in their budget right now. I figured that Hallie would be too humble to write in with what she was really thinking (which was probably something like, "YES! PLEASE! I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO SIT IN MY LIVING ROOM AGAIN!!"), so I decided that the situation required a bold move. I combined my deep sympathy for her predicament with my knowledge of her Blogger password to initiate a little fundraiser!
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Hallie @ Moxie Wife said...

Thank you so much, Matthew! This all means so much to our family. We are humbled by the kindness of friends and strangers both.

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