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Oscar Winner to Star as Cardinal Newman

He'll always be Salieri to me but I'm intrigued by this movie. The Catholic Herald has the story:

The first film about Blessed John Henry Newman is in the works.

Italian director and screenwriter Liana Marabini, who specialises in directing films about the Church, will begin to shoot The Unseen World, a biopic about Newman, in the coming weeks, Italian television Rai reported today.

Filming will take place in Rome, Littlemore, Oscott, near Birmingham, and Oxford.

F Murray Abraham, the actor best known for his role as Salieri in Milos Foreman’s Amadeus, is to play the English cardinal beatified by Pope Benedict during his visit to Britain in September.
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Unknown said...

I just pray that the depiction of the Blessed's friendship with Fr. St. John is shown as friendship. I believe the BBC already did a travesty of a radio play, in which they were depicted as (barely) repressed gay lovers. One disgusting tack was to distort the phrase the Blessed requested for his memorial plaque, "ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem ", "out of shadows and images into truth ". He meant it in the 'glass dimly/face-to face ' way, and they had the gall to distort it into some sort of posthumous 'coming out " !

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