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More US Nuns Over 90 Than Under 60

This is definitely an uh-oh story but it's got some good news in it about the upsurge in certain kinds of vocations. Al Kresta has the story:

In an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online, Mother Mary Clare Millea offers an update on the apostolic visitation of active women religious in the United States. “My task as visitator is to note the global picture of the individual congregations and suggest recommendations I consider appropriate for them,” said Mother Millea. “The competent office of the Apostolic See will determine what will be communicated to the congregations to help promote their vitality.”
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priest's wife said...

wow- BUT orders that are actually orthodox and a community are doing okay. Why would I enter an order when I could just be a faithful, single lay person? If you are going to be a nun, be a NUN

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