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A Metaphor or Three on How We Live

I found this piece by Joseph Bottum of On The Square fascinating. Read it to the end because he wraps it up nicely.

Imagine an organization—a bowling league, say, formed by a group of people who get together simply because they like to bowl. And imagine that, over time, the demands and rewards of being the organizers of a bowling league begin to grow, particularly as the members are drawn into organizing leagues for other sports: badminton, ping-pong, trapshooting, skeet. The social pressure on the bowlers is always to move up the chain to administration, so the actual bowling declines. And declines. And declines, until, one day, a few of the league bowlers realize they aren’t bowlers any more. Interest begins to fade away. New members aren’t found; old members slip away. And the great administrative project is left with little to administer—except the left-over investments made in the league during the old, fun bowling days.
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