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Jen F. Kills One of God's Creatures

Oh! What have the poor scorpions ever done to Jen F? She has taken on these pitiable creatures as if she were Van Helsing and the scorpions were undead monsters.

A new scorpion story for those of you who weren’t on Twitter at 8:10 CDT Wednesday night: So I was walking by the bathroom and my three-year-old daughter called out to me. She was pointing at the tub with a sort of concerned but resigned look on her face, saying, “There’s a…umm…ummm…” Even though I couldn’t see into the tub, I knew it was a scorpion. OF COURSE it was a scorpion. Here in Wild Safari House my kids don’t even remark on spiders and lizards anymore.

I walked over to the tub and, yeah, there it was, right on Dora’s head on our Dora the Explorer bath mat.
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federoff9 (better make that 10) said...

Our 3-year-old got stung by a scorpion last spring. It was horrible.... we have no idea when the initial sting happened, he just said his foot hurt. Within an hour he was drooling uncontrollably, eyes rolled back in his head, couldn't stop screaming. We took him to the ER where he received a very expensive dose of anti-venom. Half an hour latter, he was fine. My 18 and 16 and 10 year olds have also been stung, but had no dramatic reactions beyond the pain. Just KILL the %^%$# things, Jen. They don't deserve to live!

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