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Horror: Drag Show at Jesuit Catholic College

Maybe they forgot they're a Catholic college. The Cardinal Newman Society has the story:

No, that’s not the spirit of Halloween we had in mind.

According to the University Calendar on the Loyola University Chicago website, an event titled “The Queens of Drag” was held last night (10/28) at the Centennial Forum Student Union on campus. The event page reads:

Taj Mahal, Dida Ritz, and the DGK Kings take to the stage to show the Loyola campus some gender-bending at its best! Performance to be followed by half hour Q&A with the performers.
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Rick said...

Got 5 kids. None of them will go to Jesuit high-schools or college nor to Notre Dame.

BTW, did any Jesuit participate?

nannon31 said...

Will anyone ever admit that Popes are especially designated to watch the Jesuits since they are specially connected to him and answerable to him....which won't happen if he is not watching them. A hundred years from now, the headlines will be identical until a Pope watches them until they don't need watching. Sporadic interventions obviously are not cutting it.

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