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CNN's Sanchez: Da Joooos Run Everything!!!

Not good. This just proves that if you make a living saying stupid things eventually you'll say something really stupid. Ace has the transcript:

Apparently the stupidest man on TV gave a long and convoluted radio interview where Sanchez took a number of shots at John Stewart with whom he seems to have a running feud (mostly because Stewart makes fun of Sanchez, which probably amounts to just playing clips of the dumb crap Sanchez says).

He then capped it off with this.
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Unknown said...

Why your pontifical condemnation and judgment of Sanchez? It is one thing to report news about Sanchez, but it is wrong to judge him. You only express your own opinion. I believe you only lower the esteem of your site when you do this, as well as using words such as "crap". Who died and left you boss?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Sanchez should move to Iceland, where it's too cold for Jews. Or volcanos.

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