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The Case Against Altar Girls?

This is sure to get a debate going. Inside Catholic has the reasons girls shouldn't be altar servers:

To raise the possibility of an all-male liturgical ministry is to invite tribulation. Those who prefer the traditional arrangement of male altar servers, lectors, and so on are nervous about vocalizing their convictions, let alone acting upon them. This in itself is significant: Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it should give us pause that many Catholics, from the pious in the pews to prelates in the Vatican, stand in fear of being stigmatized as supporters of a 4,000-year-old tradition, faithfully kept by God's chosen people from the days of Abraham until the Catholic Church began changing its practices in the 1970s.
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priest's wife said...

an argument against altar girls- We girls take over!

Maurisa said...

Our parish is one of the few in the Washington Archdiocese that has only boys serve on the altar. We have over 100 young men on our serving roster and each and every one of them loves to serve alongside our priest. We also have among the highest percentages of new priestly vocations of any parish in the diocese--correlation?

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