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Big Families = Big Opportunity

Marcel from Mary's Aggies is spreading the love...and the wit:

A growing phenomenon in our culture is the way in which children are now despised by many. The examples run from the extreme to the tame, but all continue to grow.

One of the examples of this phenomenon is the way in which others respond to big families. As a father of five (and from a family with 5 kids) I have heard comments about large families throughout my life, but they get more frequent every year. What a shame, but what an opportunity!

I thought I would help others who have to deal with this by offering some responses to the most common comments and questions others have, many of them quite rude. But, since not everyone likes to be witty, I will have several kinds of responses
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magda said...

It is so much fun to have a lot of children - people that comment are jealous.

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