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The Austen Hermeneutic?

Sofia Guerra of Always Catholic outs herself as a total Austen geek. But we're cool with that. And she relates it to the Old mass/New mass dialogue.

If I had three things in the world I could keep with me in Heaven, it would be someone I love very much, New Jersey pizza and the complete Jane Austen under one cover (yes it DOES exist).

I know you are saying, “What is it with these Jane Austen people?” We aren’t really normal, we talk about Austen ,Darcy & all this other stuff no one else understands except other fanatical Austenites like ourselves. The reason is that Jane keeps us sane…(LOL!) How does she do this?

First, she has written six of the greatest novels in the English language. Second, these novels are not romance novels (although romance is part of it) but stories about real people and the interaction between them. Austen really is more of a social/behavioral scientist when it comes to her writing. No one knows this more than men when they feel obliged by their wives or girlfriends to actually read one of her novels. Surprised by how much they like her style & her characters, men tend to be as fanatical about Jane as women once they “get” her.
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