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You Mean Karl Rove Can't Be Trusted?

Big Government Republican Karl Rove went after Christine O'Donnell last night. Warner Todd Huston believes the veracity of Rove's analysis is suspect:

During Delaware’s primary night Karl Rove was one of the analysts that sat with Sean Hannity on Fox News hashing out the results of the polls in several states. During his comments on Delaware’s winning candidate Christine O'Donnell, Rove eviscerated her as a loser even as she had just won the primary.

Rove claimed that O'Donnell is "nutty" and came straight out saying that O'Donnell cannot win the election in November.
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magda said...

Many analysts showed their true colors this past week - How can Karl Rove call her nutty and then support Castle, the anti-conservative, in the race? Looked in true light, abortion is one of the most insane acts a society can perpetrate on a baby and a mother.
Supporting someone who is for abortion is nutty.
Last night was the big reveal.

bthomas said...

Rove called it like it is. One may not like it. One may emotionally hope and dream that a underdog will overcome and win. In this case, the dog is under the gun. The demokrats will get a win they would otherwise have lost. Conservatives will be able to enjoy emotional venting. But all they've done is put a demokrat in the senate for 6 years. He will loyally vote the demokrat line. He will vote to maintain demokrat control of the senate. Which means that Conservatives will get to stand on the sidelines and watch the demokrats push their agenda through. Because like it or not, if you don't win, you loose. And losers don't get to make the decisions. Winners do.

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