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Ya' Gotta' See This Newsweek

Wasn't Newsweek just sold for a dollar. Well, it was too high. Newsweek is in full defense mode for Dear Leader. RWN has the story:

Our maddening times demand that the truth be forthrightly stated at the outset, and not just that the president has nothing in common with the fhrer beyond the possession of a dog. The outlandish stories about Barack Hussein Obama are simply false: he wasn’t born outside the United States (the tabloid “proof” has been debunked as a crude forgery); he has never been a Muslim (he was raised by an atheist and became a practicing Christian in his 20s); his policies are not “socialist” (he explicitly rejected advice to nationalize the banks and wants the government out of General Motors and Chrysler as quickly as possible); he is not a “warmonger”
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Steven P. Cornett said...

...became a practicing Christian in his 20s

A practicing Christian or a practicing golfer? Seems like he prefers to spend his Sundays on the back 9 than in the front pews.

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